Alan Doyle

   New SearxNG Docker Image

SearxNG Logo

Why a new Docker SearxNG image?

Simple really. I couldn’t find a simple, easy to configure SearxNG Docker image. I wnted to tweak the theme to my own liking and swap out the logos. None of the available Docker mages provided this functionality so I built my own image, based off the official image.

Where is the new image kept?

The image is available on DockerHub

docker pull alandoyle/searxng

How to use this new image?

Using the image is really simple.

It can be run via commandline:

docker run --name=searxng \
  -d --init \
  -v <MY_CONFIG_PATH>:/etc/searxng \
  -v <MY_TEMPLATE_PATH>:/usr/local/searxng/searx/templates/simple \
  -v <MY_THEME_PATH>:/usr/local/searxng/searx/static/themes/simple \
  -p 8000:8080/tcp \

Or via Docker compose:

version: "3"

   image: alandoyle/searxng:latest
   container_name: searxng
   restart: unless-stopped
   init: true
     - "8000:8080/tcp"
     - ./searxng/config:/etc/searxng
     - ./searxng/template:/usr/local/searxng/searx/templates/simple
     - ./searxng/theme:/usr/local/searxng/searx/static/themes/simple

What ports does the image use?

The SearxNG image only needs one port. Port 8080, the alternative HTTP port.

Port Description
8080/tcp HTTP

What Volumes are required?

The 3 paths needed for persistant data and configuration are displayed in the table below.

Path Description
/etc/searxng path for SearXNG configuration files
/usr/local/searxng/searx/templates/simple path for SearXNG temolate files
/usr/local/searxng/searx/static/themes/simple path for SearXNG theme files

These Volumes are required so all SearxNG settings and themes are kept whenever the Docker container is restarted.

NOTE: On first run these Volumes are populated with the default files required to get SearxNG up and running and ready to begin configuring.


Does this Docker image meet my needs? Well, yes it does, obviously!

Hopefully, somemone else will find this image useful too.

Alan Doyle